Post-Grad Rehab: September/October

In September, I challenged myself to say no. And so – I didn’t take a trip. I set boundaries. Yes, I will do the thing I agreed to, no, you can’t change it about on me like that. After reflection, my boyfriend and I decided that now wasn’t a good time to move in together. […]

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Post-Grad Rehab: August/September

No Nothinging

August was about change. I switched projects. We are buying a new car and will hopefully start taking more local trips. I’m trying a new trainer – with the amount of travel I’m doing, I need more flexibility. I’ve been changing the way we do women in CS stuff, and trying to decentralize and delegate […]

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Post-Grad Rehab: July/August

We Change Color

My goal for July was to deal with bureaucracy and explore more. My success was so-so. I got my work-permit sorted, and found out how to get my tax form from IBM (still do to – ask for it). And my boyfriend and I took a trip to Paris… Ontario. But, a lot of my organizational energy […]

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Post Grad Rehab: June/July


Mid- way through June, I paused, and wondered – why was I focusing on little things during a month of big things? I hope that end-of-May-Cate realized that this was something that June-Cate would need to stay sane. This month’s focus gave me permission to make time for small, unimportant (but important to me), things […]

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Little Things

Pink, small and beautiful

  Currently, I’m trapped in a stressed-not-sleeping-feeling-ill cycle. Where I wake up exhausted, too late to go to the gym before work, and come home with a headache. I’m not sure why this is, maybe the crazy weather and thunderstorms we’ve been having. Or it might be the oppressive weight that I feel every morning […]

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Post Grad Rehab: May/June

It's the little things that matter

  In May I focused on feeling better about myself. I bought new makeup, two new pairs of jeans, got my hair cut and colored, and started making more effort to dress up for work. Sometimes I wear heals, sometimes I wear my new Ugg sneakers (they are fluffy inside, it’s awesome). I still keep it […]

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Post Grad Rehab: April/May

Mirror Egg Reflections

Last month my focus was physical challenge. I climbed the CN Tower for WWF, and tried crossfit. The tower climb was… tough. You don’t get any water, and as a result I had my first asthma incident in about 15 years. Somehow, I made it to the top in under 40 minutes! Not sure if […]

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Post Grad Rehab: March/April

Polar Bear, St. Petersburg

Last month I wrote about how I wanted to energize, and sunshine in California, and fresh fruit and vegetables and more time outside pretty much took care of it! Having a cleaner has been working well, too. I also switched up my body products to citrus ones, I love cocoa butter but a blast of […]

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4 Hours to Smash the CS Stereotype and Create Something Beautiful

Haribo Micro Mix

Ali and I will presenting our paper 4 Hours to Smash the CS Stereotype and Create Something Beautiful (pdf) at the upcoming CICE Education conference in Toronto. Christine Alvarado of Harvey Mudd college came to Google last month to gave a talk on how they’d brought female enrollment in Computer Science up to 42%. The talk is called “Three […]

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Post Grad Rehab: February/March

energizer bunny

  After a month of “rehab” my shoulder is a lot better, and my apartment is looking pretty awesome. I’ve found just keeping in mind what my focus is this month helpful in making real progress, and I’m ready to get back in the gym more and will post pictures of my apartment soon. I […]

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