My On-Going Delusion About Being Human

Robot Girl

I have, and have had for years (I’ve written about it again and again from either side of thinking I’m going mad), this on-going delusion that I should be super-human. That I should be killing it at work, on my side projects, working out like a crazy person, having an active social life and a […]

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The Difference Between “Relaxing” and “Being Relaxed”

Relaxed kitten - 3 by johntgr

I live this somewhat frenetic life, but despite all my country hopping over the last few weeks… this has been a relaxed time for me. As a result, I realised something – being actually relaxed, feels very, very different from relaxing. Perhaps I’ve just been completely obtuse here, but it was something of a revelation […]

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Emotional Roller coasters, and Being Less Neurotic

Coca-Cola Thrill Ride

It has been a crazy couple of weeks. The highs have been… high. The lows have been… low. Some of the highs and lows have come with associated “I don’t suck as much as I thought!” and “argh I’m an utter failure” emotional turmoil. Some have just been happy. Some have just been really, really […]

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Trying To Be Everything

Is the #chalkmug half empty or half full?

It was inevitable, the amount I’ve been flitting about, and the number of bugs that have been going round, but Thursday last week I came home early and pretty much keeled over. I barely got up for 3 days. Monday I got up but I was berating myself for being so lazy, annoyed at myself […]

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How Not To Get Things Done

Twitter Error Message

I have had a pretty appalling week in terms of the difference between what I wanted to achieve, and what I did achieve. Things outside my control: Re-aggravating shoulder injury. So much pain. Increased sleeping due to pain killers. Two trips to chiro (feeling a lot better now – finally). Car is broken and needs a bunch of […]

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Happiness is… A List

dancing in the rain

For a long time, I’ve been doing this thing where I GO GO GO like a crazy person and then crash. And I always come up with a plan, like “take on less”, or “be more organized” or some other strategy. And these are helpful, absolutely, but at best they seem to result in a different […]

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168 hours

When stressed, I’m prone to bemoaning the lack of hours in the day. I think if I could just get an extra, say, two hours a day, that would be one more activity I could get in. When happy (and for me, happy usually means productive) I reason, “We all get the same 24 hours […]

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Little Things

Pink, small and beautiful

  Currently, I’m trapped in a stressed-not-sleeping-feeling-ill cycle. Where I wake up exhausted, too late to go to the gym before work, and come home with a headache. I’m not sure why this is, maybe the crazy weather and thunderstorms we’ve been having. Or it might be the oppressive weight that I feel every morning […]

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Doing Too Much

This is Today (20/366)

The other day, one of my friends tweeted about taking on too much and feeling overwhelmed. A mutual friend tweeted that he should speak to me. I guess I’m becoming known for that taking on too much, getting overwhelmed, crashing thing I repeat ad nauseum. Hmm. I have noticed a pattern where friends start noticing that […]

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Insufficient Whitespace

Some time ago, Derek wrote this amazing post titled Needs More Whitespace. I was thinking about it lately because it seems like things are so hectic, and no sooner does one thing end than another begins – I got back from California, was on a panel, my boyfriend moved to Canada, then my friend moved […]

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