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Currently, I’m trapped in a stressed-not-sleeping-feeling-ill cycle. Where I wake up exhausted, too late to go to the gym before work, and come home with a headache. I’m not sure why this is, maybe the crazy weather and thunderstorms we’ve been having. Or it might be the oppressive weight that I feel every morning – that it is already impossible to achieve everything I want to do today in the time available. Hopefully this will improve when a couple of things are checked off. I’m giving an ignite talk next week, which I’m rather nervous about, and working on an article (more about these coming soon).

But my project to focus more on little things is going well. So far I have:

  • Been to see a movie at the cinema (Bridesmaids – it was awesome, highly recommend).
  • Got tipsy celebrating something awesome.
  • Got up early for spin class.
  • Napped in the afternoon.
  • Had breakfast in my favourite local cafe with a book.
  • Bought my teammates cupcakes.
  • Watched an episode of Desperate Housewives.
  • Tidied my apartment.

Not a little thing, but definitely an awesome one… this is my first post written on my iPad, which my lovely boyfriend bought me for my birthday. I love it.

Coming up: novel-reading, and a pedicure. And hopefully many other things I haven’t thought of yet!

It’s helping, I think. No noticeable effect on stress-level or sleeping yet but just trying to do at least one thing every day for no other reason than it makes me happy changes the way I look at things, especially how I spend my time (even if only temporarily). I don’t have to be productive all the time, although that is something I need to keep reminding myself!

So – one week into June, how are you doing?

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First week in June can only be described as I-seem-to-be-busy-all-the-time-but-not-getting-things-done feeling.

I have been diligent all week at not watching TV – trying to make time for my own projects after work and Amelia goes to bed, rather than letting personal time get absorbed into a black hole.

But there never seems to be enough time to make a proper dent in these projects, as the body and brain are not as productive at 10 at night.

I like the ‘little things’ project – you are making time for down-time, and recognizing it, so that it isn’t just a void.

So I am going to try it today – I will go out into the sunshine at lunch time and take a nice run. And tonight, I might check out Valencia bikes – thinking of getting my husband a proper road bike for anniversary/father’s day.

Cool post (as per usual).

Mid-way through this month, I realized that for all I’d decided that the focus was on “little things”, it was actually a period when a lot of big things occurred. The little things helped to keep me sane though, that’s for sure!

It is *really* hard at 10pm. Early mornings might work better? I’ve been trying to be organized about working on side projects on Saturdays, in order to have Sundays free.

I hope you enjoyed the sunshine!

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