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Unfriending on Facebook

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These are the terms that send significant traffic to my website. Yes, I realize what that says about the content of my blog. Anyway, I may as well try and be useful!

Can you accidentally unfriend someone on Facebook?

I guess so, the only time I ever heard of anyone doing this they were trying to remove me from a list and ended up removing me period (the explanation arrived with a friend request). Now Facebook has changed the interface, you can’t do that anymore. So if someone has unfriended you, assume it wasn’t an accident.

I accidentally zoomed out on my Facebook

Erm, zoom in? Cmd and “+” on the Mac.

How do you unfriend someone on Facebook?

Scroll down on their profile page, and it’s at the end of the left hand column.

Will they know?

If they try and go to your profile, it’ll be pretty obvious. If you decide to block them instead, it will look like you’ve just quit Facebook – I recommend you go with this option if you have friends in common/your privacy settings are low. To block someone, go to Privacy Settings -> Block list and type in their name.

Should I?

This really depends on how you use Facebook. If it has a lot of personal information about you and this person has a reason to be mad at you, yes. It’s fertile ground for plotting revenge. If they are your ex and you’re starting to behave like a crazy person, yes. If they are your ex and they are behaving like a crazy person, yes. If you have a lot of personal information and you don’t know them, yes. Otherwise, it’s really a judgment call.

What is the code for reading someone else’s facebook messages?

If you seriously think you can find that on Google, I hope you’re at least smart enough not to be using Facebook yourself.

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I have truly accidently deleted my daughter on face book how do I befriend he again

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