Week in Brief

For this week:

  • First day as ski instructor!
  • Banff film fest.
  • Create more graphs.
  • More work incorporating papers into thesis.
  • Have an evening of “Cate-time”.
  • Meeting (will reveal details if it goes well!)
  • Write Science teacher talk – content written, just adding some examples.
  • Create abstract and register for Science teacher talk.
  • Create proposal for workshops – have all costings, just need to write up.
  • Processing Jam – postponed
  • Kickbox twice, gym twice.
  • Determine hypothesis – good idea what this is now, need to create 2 page document outlining what I’ve done and what I’m planning.
  • Try to disconnect and focus for an hour on one thing.
  • Deal with medical insurance.
  • Do homework for resume!
  • Meeting about resume.


  • Prepped for this weekend’s competition
  • Got a hair cut

For next week:

  • IBM Case Study Competition
  • Ski Instructing
  • Ski training (yay!)
  • Finish Science Teacher Talk
  • Write up proposal.
  • Write up two pages outlining work so far.
  • Meeting with supervisors.
  • Marking.
  • Kickbox twice, gym twice.
  • More progress on “the pile”
  • Deal with medical insurance!!!