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Lists of Women Don’t Change Anything

I have mixed feelings about lists of women. Well I say mixed: my feelings on lists are, broadly, negative. I understand the appeal — either people genuinely believe that people not being aware of women is a problem. Or they think that with a list this can really, finally, be refuted. It seems unlikely that either of […]

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Social Media Coping Strategies

Over the last year the way I use social media has changed. It wasn’t dramatic. Just time passed… how much I was willing to share decreased, I started to feel anxious at times. The most vicious things normally end up in the moderation queue of my blog, and I could probably still quote things long […]

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Flawed Humans

As I walked through Barcelona, I came across a tiny hidden museum dedicated to Dalí. As I admired the work, I pulled up his Wikipedia page to learn more about the artist. And discovered that he refused to decry the Nazis, and had been kicked out of the Surrealist movement in part because of it […]

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Audio of How To Undermine Women Whilst Being “Nice”

In response to this: I made this: Original

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Finding More Women on Social Media

Every so often I find my twitter handle in a list that forms a response to some guy saying “who are some women I should follow on social media?”. Do these things work? I don’t know. I’ve compared notes with other women on how long it lasted when a prominent VC asked that question (for me, <24 […]

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Some Thoughts About Harassment

I don’t like to talk about the online harassment I experience, not least out of guilt, because I seem to get off lightly. The past couple of weeks though, have been hard. There were two lists, and my name was on the short one. People I know, and like, were exclaiming “lol I’m on this […]

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Speaker Notes: Burning Down The Patriarchy

Edited notes from my talk at UW Oct 15th which was in part a reflection of what had happened at GHC this year. This is the talk I live tweeted. I gave a talk on mobile last week at GHC, and I was feeling a little weird about the level of visibility I was experiencing […]

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Live Tweeting My Own Talk

The other week, I live tweeted one of my own talks. It’s captured here (thanks Kelsey!). I’ve been live tweeting a lot lately, and when I attend talks I take notes and/or live tweet so this became a natural extension. I’ve noticed a couple of other speakers (Kronda and Jo Miller) using tweets as part of […]

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It’s Not That Big a Deal

As an Angry Internet Feminist™, every incident I point out has multiple parts. I notice and say something. Tone policing, on whether I should have noticed it. After all, it’s not that big a deal. Someone uses “he” when they should say “they”? Not that big a deal. Mild objectification of women in something that […]

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The Bubble in The Swamp

I watched the GitHub fallout the other week, and was particularly stuck by this tweet, apologising for defending the culture to feminists. Don’t we all do that? Say that where we are is fine, but there are these general problems. I think there are two main reasons for that. 1) It’s politically infeasible not to, […]