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Social Media Coping Strategies

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Over the last year the way I use social media has changed. It wasn’t dramatic. Just time passed… how much I was willing to share decreased, I started to feel anxious at times. The most vicious things normally end up in the moderation queue of my blog, and I could probably still quote things long since deleted.

I passed this tip on a bunch of times over the last week so figured I would share more broadly: One thing that I have taken to doing, is if someone I don’t know engages me in a very 101 conversation and I choose to respond I tell myself “wow Cate, you’re being really nice to do that”. It’s framing it to be a favour, not an expectation. It’s how I remind myself that I don’t have to engage like that, and try and avoid feeling obliged to.

If you have little tricks you use to deal with being a visible woman on social media I would love to hear them!

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If you’re having a 101 conversation, what happens if you ask them what resources they have had a look at so far? Sometimes people pretend they want to learn but really they want to argue. People who genuinely want to learn will be happy to hear about resources and will put in the effort to go and look at them.

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That’s a good idea 🙂 I used 101 to encompass a bunch of things but that will definitely work for some of them!

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