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Social Media Coping Strategies

Over the last year the way I use social media has changed. It wasn’t dramatic. Just time passed… how much I was willing to share decreased, I started to feel anxious at times. The most vicious things normally end up in the moderation queue of my blog, and I could probably still quote things long […]

Networking Social Networking Twitter WISE women in computer science

Finding More Women on Social Media

Every so often I find my twitter handle in a list that forms a response to some guy saying “who are some women I should follow on social media?”. Do these things work? I don’t know. I’ve compared notes with other women on how long it lasted when a prominent VC asked that question (for me, <24 […]

Social Networking WISE women in computer science

It’s Not That Big a Deal

As an Angry Internet Feminist™, every incident I point out has multiple parts. I notice and say something. Tone policing, on whether I should have noticed it. After all, it’s not that big a deal. Someone uses “he” when they should say “they”? Not that big a deal. Mild objectification of women in something that […]

Social Networking

Exponential Growth of Social Media

I think this is pretty awesome. Shows how fast content is being created – it’s incredible! (Flash Widget may not show up in your RSS Reader) Original blog post and details/sources.