The Trouble With Women’s Events

GHC 2014 badge, "Google" is modified to say "Xoogler" instead.

There’s a theme emerging in my backchannel lately, as my girlfriends and I discuss why we aren’t doing certain events. And often, these are events for women. We used to retreat to these events because we weren’t welcome – or safe – anywhere else. But now, we see lots of technical events working really hard […]

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Social Media Coping Strategies

gargoyle with hands over eyes

Over the last year the way I use social media has changed. It wasn’t dramatic. Just time passed… how much I was willing to share decreased, I started to feel anxious at times. The most vicious things normally end up in the moderation queue of my blog, and I could probably still quote things long […]

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The Attention Game

Danbo al Sol

There are many things that alarm me about the tech industry, but one of them is how much of it runs on ads, and therefore on attention. A business model of millions of users -> ??? -> Profit. And the answer to ??? is: sell them shit. There are two main themes that I think […]

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The Year of Being Visible

Jeero vs. Danbo Setup

When I decided it was time to leave my corporate tech job, I made an 18 month plan. One key item on it: speaking at conferences. I prepped one talk (building it off some of my more popular blog posts), and submitted it to a number of places, hoping it would be accepted at one […]

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Returning To The Stage…. Part 2: Speaking to Dudes About Love

danbo and teddy

There was an amazing response to my previous post, it was really gratifying to have people find it worthwhile. I wrote it, finally, for two reasons. The first was to take ownership of the experience, to not sweep it under the carpet like it was me that had done something wrong. When you allow someone […]

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