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Just Say No to Thankless Emotional Labour


Started the week in NYC, went to DC, finished the week in the UK. Completely wrecked! Leaving for Wales tomorrow. Past-Cate was a bit too optimistic about… everything. That being said I had a great time in NYC and DC even though I didn’t really go anywhere – just the shopping mall where I was staying, the train station, and the airport!

Starting to think about what next year looks like which is… let’s say exciting.


Speaking at iOSDevCamp DC which was super great. I also did a talk for CapOne the day before the conference which was a bit more unstructured Q&A. Helped me see how far I’ve come – not long ago I would have found that terrifying! And also how much blogging helps my speaking, because I ended up covering topics I’d written about.

We launched sponsored posts for Technically Speaking (yay!) and September is already booked out, now we’re going into October.


Reading a review copy of Present and still working on The Elements of User Onboarding. Finished Thirteen Weddings and read The Turning Point (this made me cry so much, whilst on the middle seat on a plane too), reading The Coincidence of Coconut Cake. Watching Big Bang Theory.

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A new edition of Technically Speaking is out.

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