Leadership Podcast with John Maeda!

My colleague John and I recorded a little podcast together, and you can listen to it here. We talked about listen-first leadership, being judged on performance vs potential, and how I think of a senior engineer as “making the whole team better”. There’s also a transcript available for those of you (like me!) who hate […]

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Mentoring Calls Available

Just over a year ago now, I did this thing I called “mobile mentoring”. If you were under-indexed in tech and worked on mobile I would do a call with you about anything you wanted. I spoke to maybe… ten people? Most of them – in the way of mentoring – I never heard from […]

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On Coaching

I’ve been working with a coach for the best part of a year now. I started because I called my friend Camille stressed out of my mind and she said – like a good friend will – you need someone to do this for you. It was one of the most helpful pieces of advice […]

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Learn to Take Positive Feedback Well

One of the things I found most surprising when I started my current job, is that I would ask for feedback and people would tell me concrete things that they thought I had done well, and tell me why they appreciated it, or what they thought the impact was. For comparison, a manager at the […]

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An Incomplete List of Things I Love About Remote Work

5 danbos lie in the snow in a line

  Working in my PJs. Working on the sofa. Working from coffee shops. Working from airports. Working from bed (only in hotels). Talking a walk at lunchtime. If people comment on my health, it’s because I said I don’t feel well and not because I’m, e.g., not wearing makeup. Not finding random men in the […]

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Cate’s Career Coaching Process (AKA A Process for Finding Your Next Job)

A young woman sits accross from an older woman who has a notebook. Both are wearing old fashioned dress. It looks like a job interview.

I know a number of people who have been laid off recently – the market is on a downturn and this is more common than seems to be being talked about. I’ve spent timeĀ helping a few people try and find their next thing lately, and after some iterations I now have a process. 1. What […]

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Why HR Shouldn’t Own Inclusion

On the list of “things that come up a lot in Feminist Cabal meetings”, pretty high is a complaint that HR have taken ownership of “inclusion” and are being ineffective. This is not surprising when you think about it. Regardless of discussion about “employee happiness” etc, the main function of HR is to ensure that […]

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Interviewing as a Manager

The final part of interviewing for my last job involved coming to Colombia for 3 days and having 21 1:1s. FYI, this is the kind of thing that immigration finds very suspicious and resulted in me being detained and searched for drugs in Canada. But I digress. I firmly believe that people should interview their […]

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Real Talk: Women in Tech and Money

house of fortune

This post comes from multiple requests from friends with whom I have talked about leaving tech, and returning to tech, and the way that I started to think about money relating to that. Money is a loaded topic, and I want to be up front here that this is written from a place of financial […]

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