My Process for Writing a New Talk

Danbo hiding in a shoe

(in no particular order) This seems like a good idea. These are points I should cover. Why the hell am I doing this. I should not be talking about this topic (reasons: assorted). Ooh break through! This is the angle I’ll take! Excited! It’s happening so just write the damn thing. I’ve given so many […]

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NSConf – Jessie Char – Expert of Nothing


My notes from @jessiechar‘s talk at @nsconf [video]. Going through a period of transition. Very fluid. Feel uncomfortable prescribing processes to people. Ambivalence is not the same as apathy. Ambivalence – caring too much about both sides to make a decision. Apathy – not caring enough to make a decision. Same result, but different. Why process is so […]

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Presenting Lessons from Walking Tours

shop sign advertising antique guns, swords... and gold jewelry

Last November I was in New Orleans with a friend, and we went on a couple of the many (many!) walking tours offered. These are essentially 2-hour long presentations, but the stage is the street and the slides are the city itself. Whilst I often find the presentation style a bit overdone (especially in a […]

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Moderating My First Panel

I saw live tweets and follow up posts from Beyond the Code last year so I was really excited to be asked to speak or moderate this year. Since reading Denise’s book about moderating panels, I’ve been wanting to try out everything I’ve learned. So I was pleased, but also nervous to be moderating my first […]

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Technically Speaking – From Conference Proposal to Submit

technically speaking

Chiu-Ki and I ran out first in person Technically Speaking event at 360iDev which was super exciting. It was great to meet some of our subscribers in person and go into more depth on some of the topics we cover in the newsletter. The topic was about putting together your first speaking proposal, and included: […]

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The Year of Being Visible

Jeero vs. Danbo Setup

When I decided it was time to leave my corporate tech job, I made an 18 month plan. One key item on it: speaking at conferences. I prepped one talk (building it off some of my more popular blog posts), and submitted it to a number of places, hoping it would be accepted at one […]

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Speaker Notes: Mobile is a Systems Problem

Edited notes from a section of my talk at Oredev. I plan on expanding this topic into it’s own talk for 2015. My talk “Distractedly Intimate” evolved out of a blog post I wrote over two years ago now, called “Building things for Humans”. I wrote it after I hit this crossroad, career-wise. Do I move […]

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Live Tweeting My Own Talk

collection of tweets from my talk

The other week, I live tweeted one of my own talks. It’s captured here (thanks Kelsey!). I’ve been live tweeting a lot lately, and when I attend talks I take notes and/or live tweet so this became a natural extension. I’ve noticed a couple of other speakers (Kronda and Jo Miller) using tweets as part of […]

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Returning To The Stage…. Part 2: Speaking to Dudes About Love

danbo and teddy

There was an amazing response to my previous post, it was really gratifying to have people find it worthwhile. I wrote it, finally, for two reasons. The first was to take ownership of the experience, to not sweep it under the carpet like it was me that had done something wrong. When you allow someone […]

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GHC: Leadership Workshop with Patty Azzarello


I was interested in this workshop, because I had read Azzarello’s book, Rise: How to Be Really Successful and Like Your Life. “Your job description is not a life sentence.” “You have more control than you think.” These quotes set the stage for a really helpful presentation about how we see our jobs, and how […]

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