Post-Grad Rehab

Post Grad Rehab: April/May

Mirror Egg Reflections
Credit: flickr / LollyKnit

Last month my focus was physical challenge. I climbed the CN Tower for WWF, and tried crossfit.

The tower climb was… tough. You don’t get any water, and as a result I had my first asthma incident in about 15 years. Somehow, I made it to the top in under 40 minutes! Not sure if I’ll do that again – I’d have to get hold of an inhaler if I wanted to try. Crossfit is pretty awesome. It’s tough, but in an energizing, motivating way. I think it can replace kickboxing for a little while.

This month my focus is going to be on feeling better about myself.

Winter has taken it’s toll on me (I have still not figured out how to dress well during the Canadian winter, and so live in jeans and sweaters for the duration), as has being injured and not doing my usual levels of physical activity. The abundance of chocolate at the office initially made me think that chocolate was the answer to broken code (it wasn’t). But, the jerk who was so rude the other week made me think about clothing. So, I did some shopping, and I’m experimenting with clothing for the office. Now that I’ve been there a while I don’t need to prove that I’m a SWE by wearing a nerdy t-shirt, so I can wear heals and cute tops instead. I got my hair cut and colored. I’m going to the spa. After feeling so much better last month, I’m determined to continue making exercise a priority. It takes a little longer to get ready, but not that long (maybe 15 mins) and I’m finding it to be worth it.

What’s your goal or theme for May?