One Positive Thing

Palace of Arts, Staircase

  I have a simple rule when I get overwhelmed. One. Positive. Thing. It’s so simple that whatever state I’m in I can’t argue with it. It’s so easy that there can never be an excuse. But, applied¬†diligently, it can change pretty much everything. When I’m in a tizzy, one of the first things to […]

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Post Grad Rehab: January/February

High Tech

January is for Career At the start of the month, I asked myself some questions. How do I manage my work email? I want to minimize the time I spend on email, but stay on top of it. So far, it’s ok. I use priority inbox and starred action items and delete aggressively. It’s helpful […]

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Right Now Is Just Fine


I travel¬†completely¬†chaotically. Most of the time I can’t remember where I’m staying (yay for free wifi at airports), I almost never exchange currency in advance, and I would never dream of arriving the “recommended” three hours before an international flight. The thing is, I know it will never be as awful as taking the boat […]

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What is Work-Life Balance, Anyway?

Aurelia on the Cloud Swing

Women, especially, seem to talk about work-life-balance – and it’s synonym, work-life-integration (a la IBM) a lot. But what does it mean? The cop out, d’uh, answer is, different things to everyone. I’ve come to think that what it means is that the pieces that make up your life (work, family, friends, exercise, hobbies, etc […]

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Post Grad Rehab: January is for Career

Making A Career In A Post-2.0-World

Inevitable with starting a new job, that January my focus would be on my career. I want to spend time on how I can be effective and how I can create value. Some questions I’m contemplating: How do I manage my work email? I want to minimize the time I spend on email, but stay […]

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