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Post Grad Rehab: January is for Career

Making A Career In A Post-2.0-World
Credit: Geek and Poke

Inevitable with starting a new job, that January my focus would be on my career. I want to spend time on how I can be effective and how I can create value.

Some questions I’m contemplating:

  • How do I manage my work email? I want to minimize the time I spend on email, but stay on top of it.
  • What’s the vision for the project I’m working on?
  • How can I contribute to that vision?
  • Set up an internal blog (what do I call it?)
  • How can I get the most out of my manager?
  • How will I organize myself?
  • How do I organize my day to be most effective? Gym in the morning? When is my make time?
  • What has to change about my writing here?

2 replies on “Post Grad Rehab: January is for Career”

As a reader of your blog, I would like to suggest that you enjoy this moment.

To begin a new is too precious of a time to waste – let yourself feel free a bit from aspects of your life that have been your own and will always be there. You can return to them at any time.

I like that, “To begin a new is too precious of a time to waste” – that’s really why January was for work, because I knew that was all I would think about anyway 😉 in the end, I didn’t spend too much time thinking about the questions over the month, but at the end of it, the answers were all there.

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