Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-16

  • Packed and in bed by 1030 last night. Now on route to California. Clearly, sheer volume of travel since April has fundamentally changed me. #
  • Why hello there, California! (@ San Francisco International Airport (SFO) w/ 87 others) #
  • First day of training! Nervous! (@ Googleplex – GWC4) #
  • Quite a few women in training but I'm yet to meet a female engineer šŸ™ #
  • This should give those of you who know me a good laugh… guess who's working on mobile gmail? #
  • I can see sergey's tesla!!!!! #
  • So this is a neat vid – sudoku solving with google goggles. Also, Casey is my host in MTV this week! #
  • This morning I have my first meeting with the gmail team! Wish me luck! #
  • Manifesto on leaving academia – #
  • goodlife's appalling treatment of their customers: snafu. RT @pinemud – Attempt to cancel gym membership turned violent #
  • Had such a great time getting @isfalk's tour of San Francisco last night! Thanks Falk! #
  • Doing something Awesome? Need $1000? @awesomeottawa chooses their next award on Monday! Get your application in NOW! #
  • So the fabulous @Jenny_Blake is even more fabulous in person. Can't wait for the life after college book!! #
  • Awesome hanging our with @warthog9 this evening! Who is actually quite talented at shopping! in reply to warthog9 #
  • So 1. Sergey is super cute. 2. He spoke to my noogler hat (which I gave to the awesome self-driving car guy). 3. he SHOOK MY HAND! **swoon* #
  • Today I rode a googlebike for the first time. It was fine with a handy basket, then I gained some speed and "sh*t!! Where are the brakes?!?" #
  • But still, first time on bike since kneecap dislocation and I didn't concuss myself or even fall off. I think that's a win! #
  • If possible, I'm buying an iPad for my next trip (leaving next Saturday) this carrying two laptops thing is PAINFUL! #
  • The queue for security is insane. Grrrr! (@ San Francisco International Airport (SFO) w/ 97 others) #

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