The AltMBA: A Retro

This summer I set aside four weeks and retreated up a mountain to focus on the AltMBA. Ever since it ended, I’ve been meaning to write a retro. At first I felt I needed some distance from it, then I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to say. I figure it won’t get easier with […]

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Habits, Revisited

I gave myself March off blogging. Which seems like it might be a weird thing to do – to take time off a thing that is clearly optional. But, I live by the schedule. So every week writing is not optional, there’s a deadline, because otherwise I am not sure I would ever consider things […]

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Another Break

Danbo reaches for Kindle

Last year I took a month off blogging. I live by the schedule, but sometimes it seems oppressive. I don’t want to break it arbitrarily, but if I’m so busy living by the schedule how do I understand what it does for me, and what should change? Last year I didn’t get the desired effects. […]

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2015 Review

For 2015 I chose the word “ship“. 2015 was the year of freedom – freedom to do my own thing, but also the pressure of figuring out what that looked like. No-one to answer to but myself, and I was the worst and also the best boss I have ever had. The worst because I’m a […]

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One Thing

Danbo, llegó la primavera.

I feel like the “life lesson” that I have had the hardest time accepting is that you cannot improve every area of your life at once. There are times when every area of your life does improve at once (those are so great, but rare, in my experience often brought on by a dramatic life event […]

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The Story Behind The Newsletter

We can do it!

When I decided to leave my corporate tech job, public speaking was part of The Plan. However I didn’t really know where to begin. I built a talk from some of my more popular blogposts and started submitting it to CfPs I happened across. Luckily, I met up with Chiu-Ki on a trip to the […]

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Meta: This Week

My latest this week post is numbered #64. Which is a long time to have kept that up; I did not think I would be so successful at it. I especially did not think that I would see other people using this format to reflect on their life! What I love about it: It’s a […]

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Flawed Humans

As I walked through Barcelona, I came across a tiny hidden museum dedicated to Dalí. As I admired the work, I pulled up his Wikipedia page to learn more about the artist. And discovered that he refused to decry the Nazis, and had been kicked out of the Surrealist movement in part because of it […]

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2014 Review

Posting schedule from 2014

2014 has been interesting. 2013 kind of sucked. 2014 has been the year that I rebuilt, hopefully giving myself a solid foundation to thrive in 2015. I finally left my corporate job – something I started thinking about and planning for in 2013. Part of the plan was building my profile outside of a conglomerate, so I […]

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Things I Love About Travelling Alone

danbo adventure

I love the freedom of travelling solo. Sleeping alone. Waking up whenever. Not having an itinerary, every morning I wake up and ask myself “what do I want to do today?” and sometimes the answer is nothing. This is OK. Freedom from social responsibilities. No need to talk. No social pressure, imaginary or real, no […]

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