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2019 in Photos

In 2019, continuing on from 2017 and 2018, I continued to post a photo every day mirrored between and instagram (364 in total apparently, I must have missed one day).

This year I experimented with more abstract things, text and positioning, and made heavy use of some new film style filters. I also posted a lot of photos of my house, and particularly the fresh flowers that I’ve been getting more and more creative with.

Some days posting a picture feels like a chore, but mostly it is a nice way to share some snippet of my world. The tagline of my photo blog is 1000 words a day, and when writing has felt impossible, it’s nice to keep up some form of expression consistently. The entire project – three years of daily photographs – feels now like a particular, heavily curated, time-agnostic, angle on my life. Personal, and yet abstract, because I never post pictures of myself. It is purely about how I see the world, and never about how I am seen.

As a rule, I give myself space at the end of each year to contemplate killing every project. However Jan 1, I carefully arranged this photo without thinking about the possibility not to. Perhaps after three years it’s no longer a project, but rather a habit – and one to continue in 2020.

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