2018 in Photos

For 2018 I continued my quest to post a photo a day, mirrored between photo.cate.blog and instagram. Last year my top photos had a tropical tint, this year raccoons are the stars.

I didn’t have a focus as much this year; like many things, it was much more about the act of showing up. I turned more often – I think – to the past, revisiting and reprocessing photos from another time.

There’s more art, I think, and more small things made bigger, that might otherwise go unnoticed. There are a lot of pictures of the Cork, almost always the river – I love water, and I’m interested in reflections and asymmetry. Snippets of domesticity. More text, and I think more darkness, too. Some capture a state, some a place, others a mood. By and large the photos of 2018 are less processed, and I think I played a little more with perspective.

By this point the daily photo is not so much a project but a habit. It’s one I’m grateful for, even on days that it feels like one more thing to do. I’m looking forward to looking back at the photos that stood out in 2019.

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