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2021 in Photos

Since 2017, I’ve been posting a photo every day to Instagram and I kept that up last year, posting 361 photos in total. In 2021, the aesthetic monotony of pandemic life really started to get to me and this was probably the hardest this project has ever felt. I think part of the appeal […]

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2020 in Photos

Since 2017, I’ve been posting a photo every day to Instagram and I kept that up last year, posting 363 photos in total. In 2020 most challenging was the monotony of long periods of lockdown, but I’m glad I kept at it. In 2019’s recap post I wrote, “when writing has felt impossible, it’s […]

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2019 in Photos

In 2019, continuing on from 2017 and 2018, I continued to post a photo every day mirrored between and instagram (364 in total apparently, I must have missed one day). This year I experimented with more abstract things, text and positioning, and made heavy use of some new film style filters. I also posted a lot of […]


2018 in Photos

For 2018 I continued my quest to post a photo a day, mirrored between and instagram. Last year my top photos had a tropical tint, this year raccoons are the stars. I didn’t have a focus as much this year; like many things, it was much more about the act of showing up. I […]

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2017 in Photos

In an attempt to get better at photography, this year I started and shared a photo a day to it (the total was 366… so I guess I shared one extra but I’m not sure when). I also shared these photos on Instagram. I wasn’t a huge fan of Instagram at first and was irritated […]

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What Does a Good Media Experience Look Like?

One of the things I wanted to do more of this year is explore photography. Sometimes I worry that creating a photo editing app and writing a book chapter about creating image filters sucked some of the joy from photography for me. I wanted to do more with my pictures for their own sake, rather than […]

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Show & Hide: Free on the iOS App Store

I released Show & Hide nearly a year ago now and it’s now free on the app store. It’s not set the world alight, and I haven’t made the progress I wanted to on releasing the Android version (still in beta), but it’s got a few nice comments, and I’ve seen some beautiful photos. Here’s one of […]

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Launching: Show & Hide

I launched a thing. You can buy it for your iThing. Please upvote it on ProductHunt. What is the thing? It’s an image processing app. It allows you to make cool, partially colored images. It’s called Show & Hide. The longer and more personal story is: this has been a long term side project for me, and […]