One Year of Staying Still

Today marks a year since I last landed at ORK. After travelling pretty much every month for… years, I have spent a solid year in Ireland. I’ve been fortunate not to lose anyone I love, and pandemic misery aside – I’ve struggled as much as everyone else with the nebulous anxiety of the virus, the […]


2020 in Writing

I sent 13 WTHIC letters from three countries, had five articles in Qz. I was also on the UK Channel 4 News. This blog was seen by just over 25K visitors for a little more than 41K views, and I published just 20 posts (many of which just linked out to the proper post elsewhere). […]

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2020 in Photos

Since 2017, I’ve been posting a photo every day to Instagram and I kept that up last year, posting 363 photos in total. In 2020 most challenging was the monotony of long periods of lockdown, but I’m glad I kept at it. In 2019’s recap post I wrote, “when writing has felt impossible, it’s […]