Things To Say Yes To

volcano errupting

I got invited to something really cool – KiwiFoo. It’s in New Zealand, and my schedule for April is hectic but when have I let little things like long flights and jetlag stop me? So I did what I usually do, booked a flight and told myself I would figure it out. That I could […]

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My On-Going Delusion About Being Human

Robot Girl

I have, and have had for years (I’ve written about it again and again from either side of thinking I’m going mad), this on-going delusion that I should be super-human. That I should be killing it at work, on my side projects, working out like a crazy person, having an active social life and a […]

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Process, and Culture

developed cross-process by Provia

As an individual, I have habits, and I have processes. The processes are things that aren’t quite natural enough to be habits, yet.  I think process helps me create a framework that helps me be effective – at work, and in life. For example, having a schedule for my blog. Posting something on Monday, Wednesday and Friday […]

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Here’s to the end of 2013


This year was… hard. There have been some great things, definitely, but this was the year I was mistaken by a weirdo for the inflight entertainment. The year where I burned out so hard I wanted to leave the tech industry. The year I gave up on expat life and returned to the UK. The […]

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The One With the High School Bully

Currently in the gym (and on planes) I’m re-watching Ugly Betty (Amazon), and I’m up to Season 3. I watched it originally as it was shown, but that was over 6 years ago now. Still, I think it’s a great show. Often passes the Bechdel test. Today was the episode where Betty is faced with […]

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North Korea, July 2013: The Prequel

Outside of NK Visa, showing my entry, exit etc.

At the end of last year, I was 6 months into my complete life upheaval (moving to Sydney) and couldn’t quite contemplate the idea of any New Years Resolutions. So I set myself a goal for the year instead – this would be the year that I would go to North Korea. I’ve wanted to […]

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Need to be Dull to be Creative

For ages, I’ve been worrying about why I was feeling really low on creativity. It’s hard to pin point what changed – was work more demanding? Social life fuller? Too tired at the end of the day because I just do so much more physically (in Canada even with a pretty intense gym regime I […]

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Being !=OK

In January, I was killing it. I’d been promoted, work was going well, I lived in a city I love, hanging out with an awesome group of friends and regular girls nights, and I was basically back to “normal” – athletic, but curvy, after 2 major injuries and, y’know, living in Suburbia and having to […]

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Fear and Safety

My friend and I went to Bangkok for the long weekend. We relaxed in the spa, swam in the outdoor pool, explored the shops, got lost and wondered around the city. Rode in a tuk tuk. I wondered, why it was that we spent more time at the hotel than I would usually. Than I […]

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A Rant About Novels

Hermione vs Bella

I’m tired of reading novels about drippy pathetic women waiting for a man to rescue them. There are the truly awful – Twilight, for example, “one woman’s difficult choice between beastiality and necrophilia”. Or the horrifying 50 Shades. By all means, let us have erotica, but what is sexy about a pathetic, spineless woman being […]

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