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Live Tweeting My Own Talk

The other week, I live tweeted one of my own talks. It’s captured here (thanks Kelsey!). I’ve been live tweeting a lot lately, and when I attend talks I take notes and/or live tweet so this became a natural extension. I’ve noticed a couple of other speakers (Kronda and Jo Miller) using tweets as part of […]

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This Week

Life Rushed couple of days in Toronto, the annual madness of GHC was even busier than usual as I ended up live tweeting some things which got some press attention. Was awesome to see so many of my technical woman friends, including a couple from Australia. Then headed back to Canada, this time KW for […]

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Things To Write When I’ve Nothing To Say

I’ve had horrible writers block lately. The list of things I can’t write yet (or maybe ever) drowns out the things I would like to. And so a Deadline Looms because according to the schedule I’m due to write something and I sit with my laptop open, a blank screen in front of me, and try […]

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On Leaving (again), Compound Effects and Falling Out Of Love

Someone tweeted that this post reminded them of my post about leaving. And I read it, finding it oddly compelling (even though I’m not excited by comics, or superheros), and then I found this quote. it seems to me to be the worst thing in the world to want to do something that badly and […]

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Work vs Life

There was an article a while ago with Marissa Mayer’s thoughts on work life balance. Essentially it was that long hours were fine, as long as you didn’t miss out on things that would make you resent it. I try and work manageable (sustainable!) hours but sometimes my work gets prioritised over my life. And my […]

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Things To Say Yes To

I got invited to something really cool – KiwiFoo. It’s in New Zealand, and my schedule for April is hectic but when have I let little things like long flights and jetlag stop me? So I did what I usually do, booked a flight and told myself I would figure it out. That I could […]

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My On-Going Delusion About Being Human

I have, and have had for years (I’ve written about it again and again from either side of thinking I’m going mad), this on-going delusion that I should be super-human. That I should be killing it at work, on my side projects, working out like a crazy person, having an active social life and a […]

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Process, and Culture

As an individual, I have habits, and I have processes. The processes are things that aren’t quite natural enough to be habits, yet.  I think process helps me create a framework that helps me be effective – at work, and in life. For example, having a schedule for my blog. Posting something on Monday, Wednesday and Friday […]

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Here’s to the end of 2013

This year was… hard. There have been some great things, definitely, but this was the year I was mistaken by a weirdo for the inflight entertainment. The year where I burned out so hard I wanted to leave the tech industry. The year I gave up on expat life and returned to the UK. The […]

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The One With the High School Bully

Currently in the gym (and on planes) I’m re-watching Ugly Betty (Amazon), and I’m up to Season 3. I watched it originally as it was shown, but that was over 6 years ago now. Still, I think it’s a great show. Often passes the Bechdel test. Today was the episode where Betty is faced with […]