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Things To Write When I’ve Nothing To Say

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I’ve had horrible writers block lately. The list of things I can’t write yet (or maybe ever) drowns out the things I would like to. And so a Deadline Looms because according to the schedule I’m due to write something and I sit with my laptop open, a blank screen in front of me, and try and pick the least objectionable, the least intimidating thing.

Which is pretty depressing. But I persist. Mostly because I worry that if I let myself stop, I might never start again.

I remember when I started working at Google, how hard it was to write anything. How I went from blogging my way through grad school, things I learned, things I made, to a place where there were so many things I couldn’t share, that I became afraid to say anything.

Eventually I found a way to start writing again, where I could share things, and data, and insights. Directions and thoughts influenced by my day job, or sometimes what my day job was not. Found a way to somehow be open, and yet barely mention the place which took half my waking hours and more of my headspace.

I think it is hard to share and be open through periods of transition. Because they look a lot like chaos, from the outside. But in the midst of it, that thing that looks like choas is actually the only path that makes sense to the Bright Light that is the Next Adventure.

Here is to Adventures. To the Road Less Travelled. And to being brave enough to hit “publish” once again.

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