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I Send Love Letters from Airports

“First, you talk about feeling a sense of gratitude for people who go first. The implication seems to be that you don’t, but I disagree. The fact that you let strangers into your life via these personal updates is very “Where the Hell is Cate?” to the point where I have to remind myself that […]


2016 in Travel

According to Air Canada, I racked up 89,121 miles this year. I don’t know how accurate this is, because it includes bonus miles and excludes a number of flights – including a flight I had rebooked from Seoul after a delay (somehow no-one has a record and I never got the the points – grr), and round […]


The 12 Coolest Things I Saw in 2016

Ages ago, I set myself a goal that I go somewhere new every year. If you know anything about me, this might seem ridiculously low – but we all start somewhere. I didn’t leave Europe until I was 22. This year was a good year for adventures, though! Mainly my travel writing goes in Where […]


How *are* You?

Sometimes, since I ditched my job, and apartment, and conventional aspects of life, really, people ask me “how are you”, in a head tilted way that asks, really, “how can you possibly be okay”. And I say “I’m GREAT” which maybe seems like I’m overstating things, putting a brave face on terrible regret. But really… […]

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Things To Write When I’ve Nothing To Say

I’ve had horrible writers block lately. The list of things I can’t write yet (or maybe ever) drowns out the things I would like to. And so a Deadline Looms because according to the schedule I’m due to write something and I sit with my laptop open, a blank screen in front of me, and try […]

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On Coming “Home”

A while ago, someone introduced me to the concept of “Third Culture Kids”. “Third culture kid (TCK, 3CK) is a term used to refer to children who were raised in a culture outside of their parents’ culture for a significant part of their development years.” I remember identifying with some of the aspects, of not […]

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Here’s to the end of 2013

This year was… hard. There have been some great things, definitely, but this was the year I was mistaken by a weirdo for the inflight entertainment. The year where I burned out so hard I wanted to leave the tech industry. The year I gave up on expat life and returned to the UK. The […]

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Tokyo, August 2013

[slickr-flickr search=”sets” set=”72157638484046345″ align=”center”] Photos on Flickr I had had a couple, all too brief days in Tokyo on my way back from North Korea. I hadn’t been to Tokyo for a while (since 2009), and I was excited to see it again, although note to self, it’s a short amount of time to be […]

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On Burnout

I am so burnt out right now. There’s a long list of reasons for that, but a lot of it is just the industry and how women are treated – as one of my friends put it “dudes are just a trigger warning for you at this point”. And this is exacerbated by not feeling […]

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How I Learned To Love Solo-Travel

I didn’t travel anywhere by myself until I was 22. And then I spent a year as an international hobo. It was scary to set off by myself, but I met people everywhere I went – some who I’m still in touch with, and some who were only in my life for a short time. […]