When reading about the 33 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places in the World recently, I was amazed to discover one about 30 minutes from where I live, in Central Sydney. And it’s a shipwreck! Obviously I was determined to go see it. And it is really cool, not entirely abandoned though – the ship itself is […]

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How To Leave a Country

For someone who seems to have an incurable fear of forms, I move too often. There is nothing I have found so far that has more bureaucracy than moving, especially if that move requires you to obtain a visa. Dealing with the logistics is time-consuming and stressful, but not hard. Dispose of assets: car (the last tie […]

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Love and Other Fairy Tales

A real-life fairytale castle II: A broader view

It’s weird being single again. When things weren’t great, when I wasn’t happy – when I didn’t think things would work out, I never thought ahead to this point. Saturday night with nothing to do. Putting a friend down as my emergency contact on a form. It’s good. I’m not down about it. I was […]

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It’s Not a Disaster

I destroyed these paintings because I did not like them

Travel gives me a lot of time to think, the planes, the airports, the queues. And the jetlag – there’s no lonelier time than four in the morning, wherever you happen to be. Probably clear from my last post that I’ve had a lot to think about, lately. Still going to have to be enigmatic and elusive […]

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Brightly Colored Accessories for a Colorful Day

Accidentally bought matching sneakers and wallet this afternoon. I went out for sunscreen, and came back with this, two candles, and extra Biotherm products… this is after I ordered new glasses. One pair are a little crazy, but it was buy one get one free so I figured I would go wild, and when I […]

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About 3 weeks ago, I sat in San Francisco airport and waited, as the delay on my flight crept up and up. Some time around 5pm, when I’d been there since 10am, I felt like, I could cry right then. Just start sobbing. In public. The lounge had closed, and I was sitting by the […]

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On Having Adventures

cate at the great wall of china

There are a zillion things to do in New York City, but my favorite thing to do is walk across it. Every kind of person, demographic. See people out shopping, walking home after a marathon, out with their kids. Overhear people speaking Spanish, Italian, Farsi, French, Chinese, Japanese, and, yes, English – American, and English-English, […]

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Time For Change

the state itself becomes a super whatnot

At the end of last week, I wrote that it had been “a mixed week“. And then on Monday, things went and got crazier. I’m still waiting for the dust to settle so that I can figure out what is actually going on. A friend is in town for a while. Last time I saw him, he […]

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Being Dispensable

I heard a horrible story the other day – someone had been off work because they were seriously ill, and a week before they returned to work one of their colleagues called all her clients and said she was never coming back. Shocking, right? Bitchy! Horrifying. Disgusting behavior. Hurtful. The last thing you need. If […]

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