Brightly Colored Accessories for a Colorful Day

Accidentally bought matching sneakers and wallet this afternoon. I went out for sunscreen, and came back with this, two candles, and extra Biotherm products… this is after I ordered new glasses. One pair are a little crazy, but it was buy one get one free so I figured I would go wild, and when I return from Australia there’ll be two pairs waiting for me. And anyway, I think my insurance covers it (not that I’ve managed to claim anything as yet, but I filled in a form to get a password at least – that is something, right?)

One of those days where I made significant progress at work, and out in the sunshine I just felt glad to be alive. I love that I get to experience daylight again, since the clocks went back, there’s something very depressing about walking to work and leaving in the dark (and I don’t even work that long hours).

I feel like during the long months of winter there was a lot of potential I wasn’t exploring. I feel like I haven’t adventured lately. I’m excited, so excited, to go somewhere new. I’m trying to take advantage of things on offer. I’m getting round to things I’ve been procrastinating on, like the dentist.

Sometimes something happens, and it makes you realize how far you’ve come. This morning I shoulder pressed 24lbs (each arm). Maybe a year ago I was still so injured that I would have been pushed to lift half that. I’ve been working at it. Today it was clear how much difference that made.

Anyway, some things have been a little crappy lately but overall? Life is good. In less than a month I’ll be 27, and I think, I don’t feel quite as much of a failure as I used to.

Enjoy the long weekend!