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North Korea, July 2013: The Prequel

At the end of last year, I was 6 months into my complete life upheaval (moving to Sydney) and couldn’t quite contemplate the idea of any New Years Resolutions. So I set myself a goal for the year instead – this would be the year that I would go to North Korea. I’ve wanted to […]

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Need to be Dull to be Creative

For ages, I’ve been worrying about why I was feeling really low on creativity. It’s hard to pin point what changed – was work more demanding? Social life fuller? Too tired at the end of the day because I just do so much more physically (in Canada even with a pretty intense gym regime I […]

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Being !=OK

In January, I was killing it. I’d been promoted, work was going well, I lived in a city I love, hanging out with an awesome group of friends and regular girls nights, and I was basically back to “normal” – athletic, but curvy, after 2 major injuries and, y’know, living in Suburbia and having to […]

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Fear and Safety

My friend and I went to Bangkok for the long weekend. We relaxed in the spa, swam in the outdoor pool, explored the shops, got lost and wondered around the city. Rode in a tuk tuk. I wondered, why it was that we spent more time at the hotel than I would usually. Than I […]


A Rant About Novels

I’m tired of reading novels about drippy pathetic women waiting for a man to rescue them. There are the truly awful – Twilight, for example, “one woman’s difficult choice between beastiality and necrophilia”. Or the horrifying 50 Shades. By all means, let us have erotica, but what is sexy about a pathetic, spineless woman being […]

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Things Being A Woman In Tech Is Like: Flying Economy

Tell me that I am not alone, in sometimes wanting to run away to an unspecified location, thereafter to never encounter a nerdy boy again. It is at times deeply exhausting to live in a world where the other inhabitants think it’s a meritocracy but you know, and studies show, it isn’t. It’s like flying […]

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Diva Problems

On a recent Monday morning, I was barely awake and not keen to get up, I thought, “wow, I feel terrible. Why do I feel so terrible?” And a little voice in my head answered, “it’s because you flew economy on Friday”. And then I hated myself. I mean, sure, if I’d flown economy from […]

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Love and Other Fairy Tales

It’s weird being single again. When things weren’t great, when I wasn’t happy – when I didn’t think things would work out, I never thought ahead to this point. Saturday night with nothing to do. Putting a friend down as my emergency contact on a form. It’s good. I’m not down about it. I was […]

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12 Angry Men

As part of the course I’m taking, we watched 12 Angry Men. I don’t watch many movies in general, and I’ve barely seen any black-and-white ones so it was weird. The whole movie was set in one room, and they showed the heat by having the men sweat copiously (like, wet faces, one guys shirt […]

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Intellectual Feminism, and Sexist Pigs

I love Big Bang Theory (Amazon), but, and bear with me for a depressing though of the day, I think Sheldon is the most feminist of all the guys. Of course, that is in large part because he despises everyone as being beneath him, but the people who has has a little-more-than-grudging respect for include: Amy Farrah Fowler, […]