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Things Being A Woman In Tech Is Like: Flying Economy

Wine Glasses at the Vines of Mendoza
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Tell me that I am not alone, in sometimes wanting to run away to an unspecified location, thereafter to never encounter a nerdy boy again.

It is at times deeply exhausting to live in a world where the other inhabitants think it’s a meritocracy but you know, and studies show, it isn’t.

It’s like flying economy whilst your friends fly exec, except, somehow, and you’re not completely sure how this is the case, a good number of them are convinced you were flying exec too. And so they complain about the wine list, say the food wasn’t as good as last time, but don’t realize that whilst they got a good night’s sleep in their fully reclining seat, you’re not sure you slept at all, between the screaming child across the aisle and the child behind you who kept kicking your seat. Let’s not get into the trouble you had at security, but you’re trying to be grateful, because you did, after all, reach your destination without being strip-searched, you never drink alcohol on planes anyway, and it’s not such a big deal to remember to buy some food to take on board…

But, two days later, you still don’t have your luggage.

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Hey Cate, you are so not alone. I’m getting my masters in IT, and every single day that I walk into my practical with thirty people and I’m the only one with a uterus, and the boys are just chatting away with each other like they’re in some sort of club, I really, really wish I never left theatre.  Hang in there. 

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