The Great DomestiCation

I staged my house, photographed it, and wrote up a very detailed post of the ~year long project that was buying and renovating it. I call it: The Great DomestiCation.

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7 Months of Leaving

At the start of the year, I had the idea to kill postcards and instead send a digital postcard from everywhere I left in 2016. The year is half over, and so it seems like a good time to reflect on this project. It has bought me so much joy – I’ve struggled to find […]

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Being an Expat

I (still) worry my life is vastly more boring now that I’m no longer an expat… but maybe returning “home” just takes some acclimatising, just as moving to a “foreign” place did. A lot of people talk about living abroad, but it’s something that people don’t always get around to. Time. Opportunity. Whatever. Or just because […]

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5 Things I Hate About London

See part 1: 5 Things I Like About London. 1. Quality of Life This is the main thing. The #1 worst thing by far about London. Quality of Life in London is really low. Housing is expensive. Commutes are long. As a relatively well-paid London resident I am lucky enough to have the choice of […]

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5 Things I Like About London

I mostly hate living in London, and plan to follow this with a post with the 5 things I hate most about it. But let’s start with the positives. 1. Culture There is so much art, much of it free, and great theatre (often with cheap tickets available on weeknights) that my goal to do […]

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Making Someplace New, Home

tiny clay houses

I’ve had this conversation multiple times lately, so it’s time to document it. I feel like a hippocrite offering these observations, since I don’t feel at all at home in London yet, but at least I’m mindfully unhappy about it. Even somewhat 1-dimensional workaholics have multiple aspects to their lives (they normally have somewhere to […]

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On Coming “Home”

Yotsuba and Danbo:Trick or Treat on Halloween

A while ago, someone introduced me to the concept of “Third Culture Kids”. “Third culture kid (TCK, 3CK) is a term used to refer to children who were raised in a culture outside of their parents’ culture for a significant part of their development years.” I remember identifying with some of the aspects, of not […]

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Life After Burnout

PhotonQ-When the Phoenix Rises

I’m currently in what I would describe as a post-burnout-phase. The memory of being burnt out is vivid, and I fear going back there, but I’m doing OK and even cautiously optimistic about the future. Sometimes I resent the cost, and sometimes I just feel so grateful to be in this better place.. and usually, […]

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The Second Hardest Thing About Moving

The hardest thing about moving is obviously leaving people you love behind. There are two parts of this – first, there are always the people who don’t seem to be bothered that you left. Which even though I know, and expect now, I still find crushing. The ones who stop hanging out even before you […]

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Here’s to the end of 2013


This year was… hard. There have been some great things, definitely, but this was the year I was mistaken by a weirdo for the inflight entertainment. The year where I burned out so hard I wanted to leave the tech industry. The year I gave up on expat life and returned to the UK. The […]

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