Time For Change

the state itself becomes a super whatnot

At the end of last week, I wrote that it had been “a mixed week“. And then on Monday, things went and got crazier. I’m still waiting for the dust to settle so that I can figure out what is actually going on. A friend is in town for a while. Last time I saw him, he […]

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Reminding Myself As To Why We Continue, Despite Everything

If you can turn yourself into smoke whenever you want, why do you bother walking?

It’s been a mixed week. Some successes – Awesome Foundation! Girl Geek Dinner! Getting my visa sorted! And then a number of things that made me wonder why I was bothering. Mostly stupid things, and you could say that I shouldn’t worry about them – but that is easy to say, and hard to do. […]

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Stepping Down from Awesome Ottawa

Sea World Dolphin

The last few weeks, I’ve been thinking about what it means to be an Awesome Foundation trustee. Yes, it’s putting our money where our mouths are; not just saying “that would be a cool project” but putting the money on the table to fund it. More than that though, for me it’s been about being […]

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Simplicity and God Objects


There’s an anti-pattern in Object Oriented programming called “God object” or “God class”. An pattern is a design to follow. An anti-pattern is something to avoid. A God class is a class that knows and/or does too much. Breaking a problem down into well-defined units of limited scope is part of writing good code that […]

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I ♥ My Kindle


I finally caved and got a Kindle (Amazon). My friend showed me his, and it looked pretty cool, and then I packed up my apartment… and I have a lot of books. And it started to seem stupid that I was carrying around all these large, physical objects. Time to digitize. Ironically I had held […]

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Trading Off Inconvenience Now vs. Inconvenience Later

Shapes: Marshmallow Pyramids

I finished reading Dear Undercover Economist (Amazon) last week. It’s an interesting book, well I think so – but then I have an AS in Economics and briefly thought that’s what I should study at university. But, the idea of applying economics to life appeals to me. In economics, actors (people) are assumed to be […]

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The Reality Stick

reality tag

I saw someone I hadn’t seen in a while, as part of enquiring how I was, he asked specifically how my blog was. I quipped, Oh the internet’s good. It’s the real world I have problems with. Lately, that keeps coming back to me. I feel like reality has a big stick that it’s beating […]

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Ottawa, a Love Letter

Alexandria Bridge Ottawa Panorama HDR

I received something in the mail last week, and it made me really happy. It was a copy of What Would Google Do? (Amazon) and a hilarious card from the wonderful Ian at the Code Factory. It really made me think about how I changed as a person during the two years I spent in […]

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Too Much Stuff

empty room

I’ve been posting a few articles on Twitter about Minimalism lately. It was apt as I was trying to declutter in preparation for moving. Mostly, though, I post articles about how Minimalism is not necessarily The Way. The concept frustrates me – when I read about people with less than 100 items, I just think about how […]

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In Search of Stability

Last night, I was on the phone to my friend whilst I was pottering about unpacking my apartment, and he said: “Have you taken anything? You’ve not been happy like this without meds in a while” (To clarify, I have strong painkillers because of wrenching my shoulder in February – which is still causing me […]

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