Timing is Everything

The young asian girl

I had the best time in Extreme Blue. I learned so much. I met such cool people. It was awesome. The summer though, was a terrible time to take off from my thesis. So close to the end. So clear on what I was doing. So motivated to ESCAPE and move on to the real […]

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Sharing Lessons From Stories We Can’t Tell

"looose HIM! LOOOSE..."

Last week, I wrote that things have been a little bonkers lately. I have not spent seven days straight in Ottawa since the start of August and I’m stressed,┬ádiscombobulated, and overwhelmed. Normally, I figure things about by writing about them. Lots of work on? How can I be more organized/better at delegating/manage my time most […]

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50mm HBW

Last week, I returned to Canada and signed and sent in my offer letter from Google. Then, 3 days later I rushed off to Kitchener to find an apartment. Because I didn’t get a TA at uOttawa (stupid union, and yes, I have noticed the irony and hilarity of – offer from Google, no TA […]

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When Life Gets In The Way

If insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results then I am clearly insane. For some reason, I thought I could finish at IBM, fly to Europe the following (early!) morning, have a great holiday and stick to my posting schedule. I did not manage the great holiday, because life […]

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