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Timing is Everything

The young asian girl
Credit: flickr / My name's axel

I had the best time in Extreme Blue. I learned so much. I met such cool people. It was awesome.

The summer though, was a terrible time to take off from my thesis. So close to the end. So clear on what I was doing. So motivated to ESCAPE and move on to the real world…

And then I spent the summer in the real world, and it was everything I hoped for. And now I’m back in my windowless office, back in my grad student life – others also desperate to get away, some hiding from the military (yes, really), some viewing it as a life-style choice (OK those I mostly avoid).

Meanwhile, I’ve been stressed by situations like this. Saddened by this. My personal life – let’s not go there. And rushing about like a crazy person – I just spent my first 7 days straight in Ottawa since the start of August. I’d say it was bliss, but I was so exhausted by everything I promptly got sick.

I’m moving at the end of this month, and I keep asking myself (and those around me) “How do I do this?” How do I pack everything in that I need to do? I’ve been trying to split my day into sections – prioritize working out in the morning, grad school during the day, and friends during the evening.

This works up to a point, but mostly I just feel overwhelmed. Packing my life into boxes, again, is hard – and hasn’t got that much easier with practise. Saying goodbye to people is sad, and the number of places I’ve left just means I’ve learned how few people stay in touch. Finishing a thesis is hard. And made harder by the fact that my supervisor said, “I don’t know what you’re doing so you’ll just work with your co-supervisor” – I have literally been given away.

The next few weeks are going to be rough. I know that I can’t do it all, but I have no idea what I can cut.