Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-10

  • Horrified to discover that in Georgia it's legal to fire someone for being gay. Not civilized. #
  • I just ousted @fdelap as the mayor of The Scone Witch on @foursquare! #
  • Anyone else finding poken is weird in chrome? #ghc10 #
  • So far this weekend I have broken my website and been dumped via FB. Things are not going well. #
  • Yay website is back up! Q from support guy: "how did you get an internship at IBM?" – my mad web skillz, clearly… #
  • To be fair to the guy it was done already we just hadn't had the fb convo… urgh I hate that every event is documented on fb. #
  • OK @notfbdotca has convinced me, must go see the social network. Anyone else want to and not seen it yet? #
  • Useful stuff – Tips for how geeks can navigate the workplace! /via @ProfJonathan @eric_andersen by @macslocum #
  • Arrrrghhhh I hate fido. 30 minutes on hold, and then being patronized by some idiot. #
  • Having a small, moving related nervous breakdown. It's mostly fido's fault. #
  • This is seriously awesome! Wish I'd seen it when I was in NY! /via @pinemud #
  • All is not right with the world when dealing with rogers is comparatively pleasant. Why was changing my number such an unreasonable request? #
  • Coffee shops where couples go to break up – /via @snookca #
  • Damn when I decided that finish thesis or be deported would be an excellent motivator, I didn't think through unable to leave canada in Nov! #
  • Yay! October loans on @kiva – 3 more, total 46. I <3 @kiva! #
  • Love this – the theory of holes – #
  • Love coincidence – blogged about how I need to better deal with my inbox – and this arrives in my rss! #
  • Love this on the cult of less – "psychologically, if you're fixated on owning less stuff, you're still fixated on stuff" #
  • Stuck in a endlessly recursive loop between visa, passport and PR applications exacerbated by lack of phone number. Gah! #firstworldproblems #
  • My digital cup of coffee with @chrisolsen #
  • This woman is awesome – Grace Hopper on David Letterman – #
  • Dear Yellow Pages, Please stop wasting stuff – we have a thing called "the Internet". /via @amyallcock #
  • The 9 worst ways to use twitter for business from hubspot – /via @twegather @smichm #
  • Who's suing who in the telecoms trade from information is beautiful – #
  • You always think you have more time. Until you don’t. Endings – #
  • Wow these are some cards!! So beautiful! /via @dgou @ashalynd @mymodernmet #
  • The downside of being in the management school, my two office mates don't get my awesome "you had me at hello world" tshirt! #
  • Okay 🙂 #
  • Decided I will have my actual leaving party October 28th at todrics. Who is coming? #
  • Up early to go to kanata. Giving a talk, but so stressed by moving/visas/passport that it did not register as something to stress about. #
  • Wow! Love these beautiful sculptures made from single sheets of paper! /via @khalilaleker @eric_andersen #
  • Listening to students list ways people communicated before phones. "letters" absent, interesting! #
  • So at the end of the talk I put up my contact slide and say "I'm on the Internet". Kid puts up hand and asks: "are you on facebook?" #
  • Advice on saying no – for academics, but applies to a lot of us – #
    (and I was just at that moment thinking that #newtwitter is a myth) #
  • Haha what you thought you'd get done today, vs. what actually happened – #
  • #Forbes most powerful women list incl. marital status & children – ridiculous! /via @iamcreative @cvharquail #
  • This week I'm exclusively wearing tshirts given to me by tech companies. I wonder if I can get them to start giving me socks as well… #
  • Having endured the idiocy of bank security, adore this – Promoting statistical literacy: a modest proposal – /via @dlitz #
  • I just ousted @auxonic2 as the mayor of Timothy's Sandy Hill on @foursquare! #
  • Office mate pets me, sniffs my hair and says "I like it. You always smell like shower". #
  • I was excited to meet a european today, but having heard tales of 12ft giants living inside the earth I'm more freaked out now. #
  • "the average male drives 276 miles while lost each year, which costs him about $3,000 in wasted fuel over a lifetime" – #
  • I want one of these!!! Awesome game using wiimote inside cuddly creature – via @travelingsw #

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