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Dropping Out

I wrote the post Being Human at around 5am having stayed up most of the night to get my edits in for the deadline. I don’t normally work like that – I think I forgot to tell my co-supervisor I was in the UK. Oh well. I never really made it off Canadian time whilst […]

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Being Human

It’s the day of my paper deadline, I have a horrible throat infection (complete with headache and rasping cough) and I’m just FREAKING OUT because it all seems like TOO MUCH and why why why did I not just hole myself up in my apartment and get on with things? Why did I come back […]

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Fighting Incrementalist Tendencies

I originally posted Making Ideas Happen: The Dreamer, the Doer, and the Incrementalist as a not-so-subtle hint to one of the dreamers in my life, and a reminder to myself to be aware of the downsides of being an incrementalist. And then Meggin left this great comment (emphasis added): I’m an incrementalist, through and through. […]

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Being Present

I hate what I’m working on lately. That’s probably been apparent from the moaning on Twitter and somewhat angsty blogposts. It’s nearly done… but it doesn’t feel that way. It feels endless. What I’ve noticed, is how much of a struggle it is to be in the moment, working on whatever it is that I […]

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To mark my 4 week anniversary in Kitchener, I didn’t have a party (as suggested by AY), I instead had a week long crisis. I think AY had the better idea… It was a number of things. Moving. Change. The stress and difficulty of dealing with the appalling Goodlife (there’s some deep irony in that […]

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Exploring a Conference Hashtag

My supervisor had the idea of grabbing a conference dataset by hashtag, specifically the Eclipse Conference 2010 (hashtag #ese) which took place in Ludwigsburg, Germany, November 2nd to November 4th. You can get an idea of what people were talking about in the wordle, below (applet is here): Apparently there were a lot of RT’s. We’ll […]

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Timing is Everything

I had the best time in Extreme Blue. I learned so much. I met such cool people. It was awesome. The summer though, was a terrible time to take off from my thesis. So close to the end. So clear on what I was doing. So motivated to ESCAPE and move on to the real […]

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The Trade-off Between Useful and Interesting

I don’t think I’m cut out for graduate school. I say this as someone who just spent half an hour hiding in the bathroom in tears, so take what follows with a pinch of salt. I’m not giving up quite yet. Today, my supervisor told me my work made no contribution. I admit, that I […]