I’m Leaving Sydney!

Harbour Bridge

From December, I’ll be based in London instead. Very sad to leave my friends and this city – which I still think is the most beautiful city on earth, but looking forward to the new team and being closer to my family (and, to be honest, everything. Sydney is amazing, but remote). October, I’ll be […]

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The Reality Stick

reality tag

I saw someone I hadn’t seen in a while, as part of enquiring how I was, he asked specifically how my blog was. I quipped, Oh the internet’s good. It’s the real world I have problems with. Lately, that keeps coming back to me. I feel like reality has a big stick that it’s beating […]

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Timing is Everything

The young asian girl

I had the best time in Extreme Blue. I learned so much. I met such cool people. It was awesome. The summer though, was a terrible time to take off from my thesis. So close to the end. So clear on what I was doing. So motivated to ESCAPE and move on to the real […]

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