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Most Productivity Advice is Bullshit

I’ve been having a productive time, up the mountain. I’ve achieved things at work, blogged regularly, sent out Technically Speaking with Chiu-Ki, made some progress on The Dark Place that is my personal inbox, I feel fit and healthy. I’ve achieved this by skiing for two hours weekday mornings (longer at the weekends) – hard, […]

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One of Those Days

I had one of those days last week. I woke up later than I wanted to, and it took me a while to get moving. Then just as I was getting started, I realized that I had to deal with some insurance thing, which was – of course – a complete pain. Eventually, I was out […]

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The French Ski Problem

In 1988, there was a revolution in the ski industry. Previously, skis had been straight-edged and the skier controlled them through force and incline. The new shaped skis were parabolic, with a side-cut edge that caused the ski to turn when introduced to the snow. Pressure causes the ski to bend: more pressure, more bend, […]

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Skiing in Queenstown, August 2013

[slickr-flickr search=”sets” set=”72157639013116305″ align=”center”] All too short weekend of skiing in Queenstown! We skied at Cadrona (terrible visibility, but pretty nice conditions otherwise), Remarkables (nice, I got a ski lesson which was really good), and I went solo to Coronet (too icy) because the boys were too tired. I’ve wanted to ski in New Zealand for as […]

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On Having Adventures

There are a zillion things to do in New York City, but my favorite thing to do is walk across it. Every kind of person, demographic. See people out shopping, walking home after a marathon, out with their kids. Overhear people speaking Spanish, Italian, Farsi, French, Chinese, Japanese, and, yes, English – American, and English-English, […]

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Making Time for Cate-Time

  On a Monday nights lately, I’m buzzed from skiing. I actually committed to something – an 8-week long, twice a week, race training program. This is massive for me, as having taken a trip a month for very nearly two years, it seemed like I had lost the ability to commit to anything. And […]

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Too Much Stuff

I’ve been posting a few articles on Twitter about Minimalism lately. It was apt as I was trying to declutter in preparation for moving. Mostly, though, I post articles about how Minimalism is not necessarily The Way. The concept frustrates me – when I read about people with less than 100 items, I just think about how […]

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Becoming Less Awesome

I love Penelope Trunk‘s blog. She’s not afraid to write about her life. And sometimes that’s positive, but the most interesting and hilarious and insightful posts are always about a negative – some way in which she screwed up, something she found difficult, relationships – that ended. The tagline is “advice at the intersection of […]

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Inside and Outside My Comfort Zone

The other day, I had a phone interview for quite possibly my dream job. With the encouragement of my mentors and friends I was feeling good about it, and going for it, until a few hours before when I was practically vibrating with fear. I don’t know how it went. I definitely didn’t connect with […]

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Can You Flow Your Way to Great?

If you know me at all (or have just been reading my blog for a while) you’ll know I’m really interested in how to be more productive, more effective, and generally achieving more. And of course I read Zen Habits and all these other blogs that talk about flow. Flow is about being completely absorbed […]