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Saying No

I’m terrible at this. It’s my biggest weakness, but also – the source of so many experiences and opportunities. So I can’t embrace saying no fully for fear of missing out. But certain things lately have made me think that I need to say no more. Like, crossing campus on a hectic day when I […]

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The Roles We Play

There’s an exercise in 7 Habits where you have to list your different “roles” and  things you need to do for each of them. Here are mine (in no particular order): Grad student Teaching Assistant Ski instructor President of WISE Job seeker Girlfriend Daughter Friend Skier Kickboxer Workshop creator Programmer Nice (i.e. helping other people) […]

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The Importance of Perspective

I read this great article on Study Hacks recently, it’s called Beyond Passion: The Science of Loving What You Do and is part of a series he’s doing. In one, he was looking for people who love what they do and I marked it to come back to because that’s me – I love what […]

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Dream Big or Go Home

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about having dreams, in the context of graduating and finding a job. What is my dream job? What is the difference between a good job and a great job? What’s the chance that I’ll fail? Is that saying true, you know, the one that says “aim for the moon, […]

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Rediscovering Balance

My life has been out of balance for as long as I can clearly remember. And I know, the most successful women embrace that imbalance but my feeling is that mine has been too far out of balance, or perhaps just too imbalanced in the wrong way. Last semester, I was in so much pain […]

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First Day as a Ski Instructor

Although I’ve given a lot of free ski lessons since I qualified, to people displaying various degrees of talent and attention to instruction… yesterday was the first time people paid for my advice. I’m still kind of shocked that it’s worth anything, given that I couldn’t ski until I was 21. But, now I have […]