Building Alignment with Co Leadership

In February I took the building alignment workshop run by Co Leadership with my colleague (at the time) Beau. I had wanted to take one of Jean and Edmond’s workshops for some time, and it did not disappoint; it was super helpful, going beyond the normal management 101 and more deeply into collaborating cross functionally. Whilst they […]

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Interview Prep Tips

I have done a lot of technical interviews. And mainly I think that interviewers have to change, but I do have some suggestions for interviewees. Ages ago I wrote up my prep list for interviewing at The Conglomerate, which is comprehensive, and frankly excessive. This is the short version with the benefit of spending more […]

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Female Entrepreneurship: Observations and Opportunities

I’ve been generally skeptical of whether we would see a rise in Female Entrepreneurship, much of which was because looking at the data (female-led companies are more likely to succeed, male-led companies are more likely to fail) it wasn’t clear to me whether more women should be starting companies… or just fewer men. However there are some […]

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Software Engineers Aren’t Normal


Techies often try and do design (I am also guilty of this), and typically they design for themselves. I don’t think this is uncommon – a lot of people think they would be a good product manager based on little or no evidence, for example. However with techies, there are three common areas where they make […]

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Some Thoughts on Blogging

how's my blogging

Things I’ve Found Have a Backlog I always give the same advice when people ask me about starting a blog. I say: put together a month’s worth of content first. As far as I know, no-one who has asked me this has actually started a blog, so maybe it’s bad advice. Or, maybe it’s good advice, […]

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The Care and Feeding of Interns

Mini Danbo Climbs the Hose

Internships are often billed as a “3 month job interview”, but from the other side they are a 3 month stint in being a people manager, and the first opportunity people have to have a real impact on someone else’s career. This can be in a good way – the internship that makes the intern feel […]

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Python Programming With Little Stemettes

hamster eating grape

Slightly last minute, I found myself putting together a workshop in python for a Stemettes event. The constraints: It has to be in python. I don’t really code in python much (light scripting, which I don’t do much of). It has to relate to banking. There are lots of people coming to help. These people do not […]

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Teaching Chaos

Chaos Theory

My friend Linda teaches drawing at University (amongst a wide assortment of things), and she was explaining a fascinating exercise to me. Requirements: white paper, charcoal, eraser, glue stick & tolerance for dirt. This is all about developing lots of strategies for recovering from errors and changes, and stumbling upon expressive, aggressive marks and effects […]

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Some Thoughts On Taking Notes

Sticky Notes: Slinky

I read this article by Ben Casnocha on taking notes, and whilst my previous note taking had been somewhat sporadic, this motivated me to step it up and take notes at every talk I attend. I’ve also been taking more notes when I read, taking time at the end of every chapter to add some […]

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Advancing Your Career With Leadership Presence, GHC 2013

Signature pose of "Power"

Workshop by Pat Kirkland. Panel of CEOs, woman waited 17 minutes for the first laugh. She has to work hard to show she can do the job, men know they have arrived. Presence is the social power granted to you by virtue of how you show up. Leaders are always looking for leaders. Confident. Capable. […]

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