2018 in Writing

I sent 48 WTHIC letters from 21 cities in 14 countries on three continents, one post on Medium (which got 5K views) and had five articles in Quartz. This blog was seen by a smidgen over 45K visitors for just under 73K views, and I published 42 posts. This is down from last year’s 57K visitors, just […]

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2017 in Writing

I sent 40 WTHIC letters from 17 countries on four continents, and published two posts on Medium (one of which got over 33K views). I also wrote up my set up for Uses This which was pretty cool! This blog was seen by a smidgen under 57K visitors for just under 94K views, and I published 88 […]

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2016 in Writing

2016 was an exciting year for writing! I migrated my website to a new domain (cate.blog)! My first (and maybe last) book chapter was published. I started a new writing project – Where The Hell is Cate – and sent 52 “digital postcards” from 15 different countries. Overall stats are a little down on last year – I published […]

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The ROI of Writing

man covered in screwed up pieces of paper, slumps over desk holding onto a lamp

I’ve had a good run lately, when it comes to feeling like the hours I pour into writing this blog are worthwhile. Someone recognized me as the person who wrote this post (yay!). A graduate student based a seminar on my writing on external causes of imposter syndrome (wow!). And I got an email that ended with […]

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Podcast: Should We?

I recorded an episode of my favourite podcast?with my friend Diana in August when I was in San Francisco. We talked about some things including. Raccoons vs Brogrammers. Blogging. The discouragement of blogging. The unpredictability of reward when blogging. Where the Hell is Cate – how it started, what I get out of it. Technically […]

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I Wrote a Book Chapter and Finally, You Can Read It

My 2014 side project was a technical book chapter on image processing for the Architecture of Open Source 500 Lines or Less Project. It was my bête noire, that consumed various evenings and weekends either by actual work, or by guilt. 2015 was mainly guilt, and some editing. Recently the final copy edits came back, […]

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Habits, Revisited

I gave myself March off blogging. Which seems like it might be a weird thing to do – to take time off a thing that is clearly optional. But, I live by the schedule. So every week writing is not optional, there’s a deadline, because otherwise I am not sure I would ever consider things […]

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Another Break

Danbo reaches for Kindle

Last year I took a month off blogging. I live by the schedule, but sometimes it seems oppressive. I don’t want to break it arbitrarily, but if I’m so busy living by the schedule how do I understand what it does for me, and what should change? Last year I didn’t get the desired effects. […]

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A Break

danbo playing chess.

I’ve been blogging 3x a week for ~2 years now. It’s been really good for me. I really believe in a schedule, I think it’s made me a better writer, and kept me on track. However for a while now I’ve been contemplating… taking a break. I didn’t want to do it for the wrong reasons – […]

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Some Thoughts on Blogging

how's my blogging

Things I’ve Found Have a Backlog I always give the same advice when people ask me about starting a blog. I say: put together a month’s worth of content first. As far as I know, no-one who has asked me this has actually started a blog, so maybe it’s bad advice. Or, maybe it’s good advice, […]

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