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Some Thoughts On Taking Notes

I read this article by Ben Casnocha on taking notes, and whilst my previous note taking had been somewhat sporadic, this motivated me to step it up and take notes at every talk I attend. I’ve also been taking more notes when I read, taking time at the end of every chapter to add some […]

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Science Teacher Talk: Information -> Meaning

Initial draft of a talk I’m supposed to be giving in February. Information -> Meaning Before the printing press, literacy rates were really low, and the average book was the bible. This was all people had by way of information. The printing press caused a revolution. 100 years later, humans had more information than they […]


Information -> Data -> Meaning

Clay Shirky wrote about this in Here Comes Everybody; the arrival of the printing press and how it changed everything. To summarize: when the printing press was invented the Church flipped out because they realized that they would no longer be in control of the information (namely, the Bible) that people had available to them. […]