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Female Entrepreneurship: Observations and Opportunities

I’ve been generally skeptical of whether we would see a rise in Female Entrepreneurship, much of which was because looking at the data (female-led companies are more likely to succeed, male-led companies are more likely to fail) it wasn’t clear to me whether more women should be starting companies… or just fewer men. However there are some […]

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#GHC13: Panel on Entrpreneurship

One of the things I really liked about this session was that it was three older women, and not all of them lived in the Valley (sadly I can’t find the description of the panel or the panelists). So much of what I read and hear about tech startups is SV based, that it’s extremely […]

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But, I Don’t Want to be an Entrepreneur

Recently, I was asked to write an article on women and leadership for a women in entrepreneurship edition of a publication. I was really flattered to be asked, of course, and was intelligent and articulate (well, I like to think so) on the phone about what I would be writing about – the idea of leadership in […]