The five types of communication problems that destroy company morale

My latest in Quartz… There’s a saying in software that all bugs are eventually user interface bugs, because someone has to see them to report them. In organizations, it often seems like all problems are eventually communication problems, because communication is the way we interface with each other—and the way most problems surface. There are […]

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The four layers of communication in a functional team

My latest in Quartz… Functional teams have four layers of communication: – A mission (also known as a vision)– Strategy (made up of proximate objectives)– Tactics and process– Execution This list might seem like it includes categories of action—it does. But it’s not just doing these things, but also communicating them that ties teams together. Communicating the items on this […]

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Things to Figure Out as a New Manager: Part 3, Communication

Now you’re a manager, communication (always important) has become even more import, and your words carry more weight. How do you communicate… one on one? … to the team? … about the team? One on One In a relationship with a power dynamic, the burden of a good relationship is on the person with the […]

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That Remote Work Think Piece Has Some Glaring Omissions (A Rant)

When I started thinking about what would be next for me after my year of funemployment, remote work weighted pretty highly on my list. People who know me might think that it’s because of my geographical indecision, and yes, that was a consideration, but the biggest factor for me was not actually that. I didn’t want to […]

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The Care and Feeding of Interns

Mini Danbo Climbs the Hose

Internships are often billed as a “3 month job interview”, but from the other side they are a 3 month stint in being a people manager, and the first opportunity people have to have a real impact on someone else’s career. This can be in a good way – the internship that makes the intern feel […]

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Your Guide To Undermining Women Whilst Being “Nice”


With the rise of political correctness, it’s become so much harder to undermine women. One can no longer tell her to get back in the kitchen, or express appreciation for her physical attributions through unsolicited touching. These things have – bizarrely – become frowned upon. Why does no-one have a sense of humour any more? […]

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Walking The Line

tightrope walking-site

I’ve been thinking, and worrying, and talking with other women about the how hard it can be to walk the line between being a bitch, and being a pushover, for a long time. It took me a long time to realise, that this line isn’t just a line we walk because it is there, isn’t […]

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Book: Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other

I found this book by Sherry Turkle – Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other (Amazon) fascinating, and think it’s worth a read for anyone who creates digital experiences, or just worries about their consumption of them. Things That Stood Out For Me How people interact with robots, what […]

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Why Programmers Lie To Get Dates

programming language inventor or serial killer

Slides and commentary for the talk I gave at Ignite Waterloo, June 15th. Missing two slides – title slide and end slide (with my twitter handle and website on it). Ignite is a tough format – 5 minutes, 15 seconds a slide, the slides auto-advance. The *’s are where I expect the slide to change […]

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What is Leadership, Anyway?

Follow the leader, leader, leader

The harsh truth is that no-one cares about your idea the way you do. I tell you this, not to be mean, nor to suggest your idea is not brilliant, or that you are somehow lacking in your communication of it… just because if you think that someone else is going to fill in when […]

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