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Email: I’m Sorry, but I Hate It

I loathe email as a form of communication, I do. Having an iPhone has not made me any better at dealing with it, in fact it has made things worse – I can now monitor it in dead time and if there’s nothing urgent then there’s no need to actually check my email. So, if […]

Extreme Blue Organization Presentation Reflections

Extreme Blue

One of my closest friends works at another large tech company, and all summer we’ve been having conversations that go like this: ME: I’ve had such an awesome day! I found out about this awesome thing and made some progress on my awesome project. I love my job! How was yours? HIM: Good! I finally […]

Organization Reflections

The Gap Between The Possible and My Imagination

This is where I live. In this space between what I could achieve in a given day, or week, or month… and what in my imagination I’m capable of. Of course in my imagination I never kick back and watch a movie with my friend and a bottle of wine (honestly, this rarely happens in […]

Presentation Twitter Visualization

Presentation Slides for "Conversation 2.0: Twitter"

I’ve created my slides for my presentation (abstract) following a Presentation Zen (Amazon) approach. So there are basically no words on any of my slides. I’m going to lay them out one by one, with narration. Let me know what you think! I’ve gone for a blank template. I wonder if this is too plain […]

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Since I started using Remember the Milk my task list is now separate from my email – so email that I mark as “ToDo” items don’t show up in it unless I put them there. I’ve opted not to, and instead made a recurring task every other day to “clear email”. As a result of […]

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How Web 2.0 is Changing the Way we Communicate

This is what I’ve been finding in my research – what do you think? Anything missing?

Google Wave Organization

Collaborating on Google Wave

People are surprised by this, but there was a period that I checked my email just once a week a la Tim Ferris (Amazon). This was during my gap year when I was working and although it annoyed various people – my boss, a guy I worked with, some of my friends… I didn’t have […]