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Last week, I returned to Canada and signed and sent in my offer letter from Google. Then, 3 days later I rushed off to Kitchener to find an apartment.

Because I didn’t get a TA at uOttawa (stupid union, and yes, I have noticed the irony and hilarity of – offer from Google, no TA from UO), I’ve decided to relocate earlier because the cost of living in KW is lower and it’s unpleasant to move in December.

I stopped by the Google office to get my police check form signed and they gave me a t-shirt. I love it! This is really happening! I’m still in shock, and alternating between excitement and freaking out about going to work with such amazing and smart people. Periodically, I panic that I don’t know how to code Google docs, and then reassure myself that no-one expects me to come in knowing how to do that (right? Right?!?!)

Meanwhile, I’m heading to GHC 2010 next week, and Boston sometime later in the month, I’m giving two talks in October (I think – the earliest one is unconfirmed and I have no clue what I’m talking about). I need to pack up my life into boxes and move. I need to say goodbye to everyone. I also need to work on my thesis. I really need a haircut.

Meanwhile, there is a family issue that is really horrible and upsetting (I can’t write about it right now) and because of that it’s difficult to plan times of things. Also, I’ve been dealing with some conflict and having just finished The Anatomy of Peace (Amazon) I’m also having a crisis that I’m not truly living outside of the box in accordance with my values. Sometime soon I’m going to work out how to write about that, too.

I don’t think I’ve spent a week straight at home since early August. All this rushing about is making me feel like I’m going slightly crazy, and without the structure of an office and expected times to be there it’s hard to be productive on my thesis – especially after a summer off.

In times of stress, it’s really important to prioritize. I’m aiming to give myself some structure by working out first thing in the morning, and will try and spend my days in the office. I’m also throwing my posting schedule out the window.

Just a heads up. Expect to hear from me here but perhaps not on the same Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday schedule that I’ve been on during the summer. Don’t expect prompt replies to email. Do expect bad hair.

That is all. Advice welcome!

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