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Stepping Down from Awesome Ottawa

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The last few weeks, I’ve been thinking about what it means to be an Awesome Foundation trustee.

Yes, it’s putting our money where our mouths are; not just saying “that would be a cool project” but putting the money on the table to fund it.

More than that though, for me it’s been about being a small part of the projects themselves, and that community.

However, I don’t live in Ottawa anymore, and haven’t for over 4 months now. Whilst I retain a lasting fondness for the city, and particularly the people I knew, it’s just become apparent to me that being a remote trustee is not working. It’s not working for me personally, in that it’s not fun and that I don’t feel involved, but more importantly it’s not working because remotely I can’t make the kind of contribution in terms of pushing projects forward, that I feel a trustee should.

Part of being dispensable is letting things go. I know we have a great board and Awesome Ottawa will only become bigger, better and more awesome without me. My seat on the board will be taken by Emily Daniels, who I’m sure will continue furthering the interests of Awesome in Canada’s capital. It’s tough to say goodbye, but I know this is for the best.

Meanwhile, I’ll be working on some new and exciting projects – inside and outside of Google. Stay tuned!

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i think emily daniels is a an “awesome” replacement for you. to surrender your position in the foundation for one of the founding members of the awesome foundation [boston, natch] is truly altruistic. she will undoubtedly be a great asset to the board. there couldn’t exist a more dedicated and talented woman to replace you. the world is a better place…

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