Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-13

  • Freakiest thing about the cooked human flesh @postsecret is a guy at uni said that to me once. More secret wannabe cannibals than I though. #
  • Went in to shoe store vowing, "must not buy brown shoes". Left with brown shoes. But they are super cute! #
  • Think @zmagg and I over sugared and over watered the tween we were entrusted with this weekend. Brief period of responsibility ends Monday. #
  • My favorite @zmagg can't bear to leave me and my marvelous hat #
  • Whilst I was tweeting about over sugaring @zmagg was buying the tween candy. Now she has a spoon stuck to her nose! #
  • I think we broke her, but at least she's stopped singing to herself… Oh wait, no she hasn't. #
  • Great show at the little bean tonight, guy is mixing on the spot recording, beatboxing, little shaker things, guitar and vocals. #wrawesome #
  • I am an emailing MACHINE tonight. Well, I sent 3. Which might have been about how many personal emails I sent total in February. #
  • Yay! I will be in MTV March 13th – March 26th! /cc @jewelia @timhwang @gailcarmichael #
  • Anyone tried calling @VirginAtlantic and getting their status matched? I want to try flying them but have status on Air Canada… #
  • Fascinated by this @cuwise article on studies showing students performing better with female instructors – #
  • Kinda annoyed that I only have 3 days to make the edits to my paper (accepted Jan 1st) but they wrote such nice things I can't stay mad 🙂 #
  • Getting some nice responses to my post on my "one positive thing" technique to deal with being overwhelmed – #
  • Not so surprising, but nice to have data – after CEOs have daughters, women employees’ wages go up – /via @anitaborg_org #
  • Talking about google transit to the planning committee. Wish me luck! (@ Council Chambers) #
  • Happy international women's day all! Celebrating how far we've come since these instructions on being a good wife – #
  • Awwh this is cute – a monkeh's enigmatic smile – /via @melle #
  • Celebrating #IWD by announcing Lead to Win for women – aiming to increase the number of women CEOs – /via @thecodefactory #
  • My colleague @spizzy's AI is far better at mario than I am 🙂 nice demo of trade-offs in approach using A* #
  • Another fascinating post on study hacks on non-conformity achieved through conformist means – #
  • js mocks are making me stabby, but "browser panic exception" is a new one. That's for every time you crashed on me, firefox! #
  • Yesterday I had a day that made me think I should be working on email. But also where JavaScript beat me repeatedly round the head :-S #
  • This is a neat, I wonder whether it's viable though – iCorrect – /via @stephenfry #
  • This is an interesting idea, complementary programmers – a need for programmer matchmeddling? /via @SaraJChipps #
  • Amazon reviews are full of unexpected gems, these are hilarious – /via @douglasgresham #
  • So distressed by missing _ in js colleague actually gave me a hug. Well, he offered me a hug and then patted me like I'm a distressed puppy. #
  • #SXSW peeps – you can now checkin with @google latitude to unlock deals! built by @douglasgresham and team! #
  • So over conferences. First the three day deadline, now the "I know we screwed up but we're keeping the extra $ we made on that". Grr. #
  • You know what was awesome about #TEDxWaterloo Loads of female speakers, and just not a big deal about finding them afaik. Makes me happy! #
  • If you're feeling a little burnt out, this might help, go back to playing and fun – Richard Feynman – /via @cheeky_geeky #
  • So after several days of pain with jsunit and js mocking… I am done. And optimistic that next time will not be anywhere near as bad. #
  • Fascinating – how women perceive their abilities and how it holds us back – /via @AnnaOBrien) /via @travelingsw @Mirkeya #
  • At a hockey game with marvelous @melle, feeling very Canadian (@ The Kitchener Auditorium) #
  • Don't know exactly which but one of these suited guys is Canadian pm Stephen Harper. #
  • Just as confused as I was by hockey the musical, but there's less violence, and so far no singing or hugging. I'm a little disappointed. #
  • Me: "the goalie was so far out, what was he doing? @melle: "tweeting" #

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