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Rushed couple of days in Toronto, the annual madness of GHC was even busier than usual as I ended up live tweeting some things which got some press attention. Was awesome to see so many of my technical woman friends, including a couple from Australia. Then headed back to Canada, this time KW for some needed R&R.


Read Shanley Kane’s Your Startup is Broken, which is fantastic. Filled some lengthy plane journeys with Bath Tangle, Black Sheep, Black Moth, and (still ongoing) Beauvallet.


Stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn downtown Toronto, great location, nice place, although I don’t consider a 5×5 swimming pool to be a swimming pool as much as an unheated hot-tub. Got to drink Cha Time iced tea again for the first time in nearly a year which I was very excited by! Had great breakfasts at Le Gourmand Cafe and ate sushi at To Ne Sushi and HoSu Bistro.

In Phoenix I stayed at the Westin and did not have time to check out the pool.

Back in KW, more sushi at Watami and also went to Ben Thanh.


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