I Send Love Letters from Airports

January 3, 2016, I sent an email to 66 friends from CGD. In it, I wrote about falling in love with the Eiffel tower, spinning around in circles, and the entwined history of luggage and travel. July 1, 2017, another email from CDG. This time to 322 people. I wrote about an early morning walk […]

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Lists of Women Don’t Change Anything

I have mixed feelings about lists of women. Well I say mixed: my feelings on lists are, broadly, negative. I understand the appeal — either people genuinely believe that people not being aware of women is a problem. Or they think that with a list this can really, finally, be refuted. It seems unlikely that either of […]

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The Weekly Notes Post

I read a lot of stuff on the internet, and a lot of that is about being a better manager. It’s rare to find something that is: Extremely concrete and actionable. At the exact time you need it. But in November, I did. I found this post from @SonOfGarr about sharing information with his team. […]

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2016 in Writing

2016 was an exciting year for writing! I migrated my website to a new domain (cate.blog)! My first (and maybe last) book chapter was published. I started a new writing project – Where The Hell is Cate – and sent 52 “digital postcards” from 15 different countries. Overall stats are a little down on last year – I published […]

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The ROI of Writing

man covered in screwed up pieces of paper, slumps over desk holding onto a lamp

I’ve had a good run lately, when it comes to feeling like the hours I pour into writing this blog are worthwhile. Someone recognized me as the person who wrote this post (yay!). A graduate student based a seminar on my writing on external causes of imposter syndrome (wow!). And I got an email that ended with […]

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Podcast: Should We?

should we give advice

I recorded an episode of my favourite podcast?with my friend Diana in August when I was in San Francisco. We talked about some things including. Raccoons vs Brogrammers. Blogging. The discouragement of blogging. The unpredictability of reward when blogging. Where the Hell is Cate – how it started, what I get out of it. Technically […]

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