Start a Project. Kill a Project.

I have been enjoying everyone’s year in review posts, and reading what they hope to achieve over the next year. I love the enthusiasm and the new projects starting, but one thing I love even more is when I see people defining what they will do less of in 2016. For myself, I set my self a limit […]

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Space and Time

danbo buried in sand

The list of things I’ve learned this year is pretty long, but one thing I keep coming back to is: if you want something different, you have to create space for it. And so I have tried to deliberately create it (with mixed results) but above all be mindful about what (and who) I let […]

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On Not


I realised something earlier this year: if you want something different, you have to create space for it. Something different requires time, creativity, serendipity. If there’s no space, you never find the new thing, because you’re so busy going from A to B you don’t have time to see it, even if you were looking for […]

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The Myth of the Intersection of Creativity, Energy, and Time

There’s a common myth that makes side projects close to impossible. It’s thinking that side projects can only happen at the intersection of energy, creativity, and time. That’s a pretty high bar. That intersection doesn’t come around all that often. For me, it’s usually about day 3 of a 3 day weekend. The UK has 8 public holiday […]

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Time Blocking

The thing about knowing more about what you’re doing, is that more people want to talk to you about it, and you have less and less time to actually… do it. And so people block their calendars with “Do not Schedule” and “Make Time!” and presumably try to be diligent about actually enforcing this. But […]

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Experiment: No Novel November

Baby penguin

There was a period, thankfully a brief one, when I was spending $100 a week on Kindle Books. I know, shocking. I was reading them too, mostly novels. I’ve since started tracking my expenditure on books more – limiting myself to a $100 a month budget, which was helping me not purchase quite so many […]

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3 Things I Learned on my Burnout Break

Piedras de primavera, spring stones

I can live with less internet. Note – this is no no internet (although I survived my 6 days in NK), but less. Most of the time when traveling I’ve had some connection, but there has usually been a limit. Maybe it’s not on my primary (favorite) phone, or it’s really slow/intermittent (Bali! Portugal), or […]

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Why I Hate Budget Airlines

I know I’m a diva about air travel. I have favourite airports* and also most hated airports**. To be clear, I think more competition, and anything that gets more people travelling and exploring the world is a good thing. These comments refer to European budget airlines. It’s Not Actually Much Cheaper OK – sometimes it really […]

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Not a Good Use of My Time?

Every so often I do something that is such a waste of time it makes me pause. Reading a non-fiction book I’m not into, it drags and I don’t retain much of it. Horse-riding with my friend at the weekend, we booked the trail option and it was over an hour of… walking, didn’t even make […]

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Happiness is… A List

dancing in the rain

For a long time, I’ve been doing this thing where I GO GO GO like a crazy person and then crash. And I always come up with a plan, like “take on less”, or “be more organized” or some other strategy. And these are helpful, absolutely, but at best they seem to result in a different […]

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