Living Priorities

Spinning colors in the sky.

A few weeks ago, I got frustrated with a pattern I’d observed. I would, in non “crazy” week work out 5-6 times. Then the following week something would happen – I’d have to take a trip, be out every night, get sick… something. And work out maybe once. This oscillation and unpredictability – sometimes working […]

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Grownups Make Choices

Bill Drummond's under-bridge graffiti

For the cool-down at spin class, the instructor put on some Andrew Lloyd Weber, I think something from Phantom of the Opera. Yes, it was pretty random. But, for me, something of a blast from the past. It was a song I used to sing, back when I had singing lessons. And then as I […]

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168 hours

When stressed, I’m prone to bemoaning the lack of hours in the day. I think if I could just get an extra, say, two hours a day, that would be one more activity I could get in. When happy (and for me, happy usually means productive) I reason, “We all get the same 24 hours […]

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Post Grad Rehab: May/June

It's the little things that matter

  In May I focused on feeling better about myself. I bought new makeup, two new pairs of jeans, got my hair cut and colored, and started making more effort to dress up for work. Sometimes I wear heals, sometimes I wear my new Ugg sneakers (they are fluffy inside, it’s awesome). I still keep it […]

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Doing Too Much

This is Today (20/366)

The other day, one of my friends tweeted about taking on too much and feeling overwhelmed. A mutual friend tweeted that he should speak to me. I guess I’m becoming known for that taking on too much, getting overwhelmed, crashing thing I repeat ad nauseum. Hmm. I have noticed a pattern where friends start noticing that […]

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as long as you remember me ::explored::

My uncle died last week. We knew it was coming, and this is the family thing I’ve been referring to of late. It was, as it always seems to be in these situations when someone leaves this world, their family, too soon, cancer. My family is not a close one, and I did not know […]

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Delegation – What Value Do You Place on Time?

My friends and some of my colleagues have been mocking me for “outsourcing my life”. I don’t think that expression is accurate though – it’s more that I’ve been outsourcing details in order to enjoy life more (and achieve more). For me, it’s all about leverage. How can I leverage myself in order to do […]

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20% of the Time, 80% of the Value

If you look, you’ll see the Pareto Principle everywhere. Last week, I saw it in grad school. I was having my 20% – and it was awesome! But it does make me sad about the 80% of my time – this is the time that I spend marking, doing assignments that seem pointless and reading […]

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Being so busy this week has got me thinking about the concept of “having time”. We all have 60 minutes in each hour and 24 of them in each day for however many weeks, months, years or – hopefully – decades we have left on this planet. We just can’t know how long that is. […]

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Manic Monday

I’ve wasted a chunk of the afternoon having a bit of a panic attack. This morning I had physio on my knee, followed by an hour of time hanging out in SITE waiting to meet with the guy who’s course I’m TA-ing (I read some of the 60 page book chapter I’m carrying about with […]

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